Monday, September 16, 2013

10 things I like about Florida. . . .

On trying to be more positive - trying to pull myself out of this funk that I don't want to be in - I figure that I will write 10 things I like about Florida.

10.  The native Floridians sure do crazy things that keep you hoping.  Sometimes it is fun to watch two people get into a fight in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  They can be entertaining.

9.  Disney.  OK - Disney is cool.  Don't think I need to say more. . . .

8.  No winter driving.  I would always get anxious and worried when I had to drive anywhere with my kids in the winter.  Don't have to worry about that here.

7.  Frogs and toads everywhere.  They are really cool.

6.  Lizards every where - they are really cool as well.

5.  Impressive storms.  The amount of rain you can get in a short amount of time would was roads away in Michigan.  Fireworks of lighting are amazing as well. 

4.  Being able to wear my Birkenstocks all year.  I don't like wearing tight, close toed shoes.  In Florida you never have to!

3.  No state income tax.  They do make up for it in other ways (1200 to plate our two cars when we moved here, $500 to get my RD license) - but they do not have state income tax. 

2.  St. Augustine, and other historic forts.  They are just beautiful and a lot of fun to wonder around.

1.  The gulf and the ocean.  There are amazing beaches!

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