Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My first rant of the year!

My first rant of the year!  Took a whole 7 days!  LOL!  Blogging makes me feel better, so here it goes.  

Something has been eating at me and there is nothing I can do about it.  I have tried to do something about it.  I have given suggestions.  I have put my ideas out there.  Alas, I feel helpless and powerless to change it.  That bothers me.  I hate seeing people who do things the proper way get crapped on.

So – here is the hypothetical situation  similar to what has been eating away at me. . . .

You made reservations at your favorite restaurant.  I mean, you love this place.  Made them three months ago for this Friday.  In that time, you got a gift card for $60 at that restaurant that expires on Friday night.  You know that will cover the meal of both you and your child, time worked out perfect for you to use this gift card on that meal.  You have that reservation – and are just so excited to go.  The reservation is at 6pm.  Your child, who is going to eat with you, has to be across the street at 8pm – they have a role in the local play and they have to be there at that time.  Should work out fine – right.  Your reservation is at 6.  It will be busy that night, but you shouldn’t need more than two hours at that restaurant, right?  That is why you made a reservation, so you could get in and out in a timely manor.

Friday comes.  You and your child show up at 5:50.  You give them your name and tell them you have a reservation – they see that reservation and say, “Have a seat, it will be a couple of minutes.”  That is fine, you are a little early.  You look around and see the place is packed.  The line to get a seat is so long it is outside the restaurant.  You are so glad you made that reservation!

Sitting down in the lobby with your child you talk about the play he/she is going to be in.  You talk about school/work that day.  You talk about what you are going to have for dinner.  While sitting you notice they are calling people back to tables.  Hmmmm. . . . Well, maybe they had reservations too.  Time goes by, it is now 6:30, you go up and say, “Just wanted to remind you that we are here.  We had a reservation at 6pm for a table.”  Lady says, “Yep, we have you here, it will just be a few more minutes.”  You sit back down.  Glad the play is across the street. 

More people are being called back.  That is strange.  You start talking to the person next to you.  “Yah, we have been here for over an hour,” they say.  “We heard this place was good and decided to stop by and eat.  We were just next door and it sounded good.”  They had no reservation, obviously. 

The person on the other side of you, chimes in and says, “Same here.  We were in the area as well today and just decided to wonder in.  “ 

At that moment the second person who spoke was called back to their seat.

At this point your son/daughter is very hungry, and that is turning into being hangry.  If you had known it would have taken this long you would have given him/her a snack.  It is now 6:50 and you know at least one person was called back before you who didn't have a reservation. 

Time continues.  7:20 comes and the first person you spoke to gets called back.  Now you are mad.  You only have 40 minutes to be seated, order, eat, and be across the street.  Why is this taking so long?  You had a reservation at 6pm.  You were there on time.  You planned in advance, yet people without a reservation are being seen before you.

By now you go back to the hostess, “Look, I have to be somewhere at 8, how much longer is it going to take?  My reservation was at 6pm.”

“Let me see. . . .” she looks at list.  “There are only two more people in front of you.”

“WHAT!  I have to be somewhere else at 8pm”

“Well,” hostess says, “maybe you should have come in sooner if you had to be somewhere at 8.”

“We aren’t going to be able to stay, is there any way I can get an extension on my gift certificate here so we can use it later, since you can’t honor my reservation today?”

Hostess, “You mean you are upset that you aren’t going to get a free meal from us.  Come on.  If you want your free meal you will wait, if you can’t then  you lose out.”

So – How would you feel if this happened to you?  You came in on time for your reservation – yet everyone who just walked in before you without a reservation was seated before you.   You are told that it doesn't matter if you have a reservation or not, you will be treated the same as those who walk in without a reservation.  You are told it is bad customer service to make those who just walked in wait longer than you, even though you had a reservation and they didn't.  You are told that maybe you shouldn't have made a reservation that close to your other engagement.  Then, you are told that because the meal was going to be free anyway you shouldn't be mad.  Would it make you mad?  Would you ever go back to that restaurant again?  Just curious.