Saturday, August 4, 2012

If you don't like me. . .

I don't make friends easily.  I mean - I am a friendly person and I am friendly to everyone, but as far as true friendships there have only been a few people in my life that I would consider my friend - and once my friend that person will always have my love and friendship.  I consider my friends to be family.

I am what I am.  I am known to be dramatic at times.  When I say something I mean it - but I do try hard not to say things that will hurt someone unless it is absolutely needed.  I may not be that person who will go to the bar with you or get drunk with you, but if you need help moving, need a meal cooked for you, or are sick and need help I will be there to help (probably with my 4 kids behind me but I will be there).  And Facebook - to use my Father-In-Laws term, "You put your life on Facebook."  He is right.  If I am feeling something or thinking something it will probably show up on F-book.

So - it has come to my attention that some people don't like the things I post on f-book.  They don't want to hear about the mundane of my life, they don't care to see photos of my kid, they don't want to hear my rants over Floridiots. . . . well you know what, if you you really don't like my f-book posts then unfriend me.  I live 1400 miles away from most of my family and friends, thus I rarely see any of you.  I personally want to know what is going on in your life.  I actually CARE about how you and your family are doing.  No - I am not being fake when I ask how things are going.  I am not being fake when I say I want to see you when I am up, I may not get the chance to see all of you, but I actually do want to see you. 

I know I don't live this exciting life, I am a boring house wife who at time can be somewhat of a downer, and if you have an issue with that you can kiss my a$$.


  1. Angel, I honestly can't believe that anyone would feel that way about you. I love you..I LOVE reading your rants..I LOVE reading about the silly/gross things your children do from day-to-day. :) I absolutely love the posts you and Nick put on facebook about "Floridiots"..they make me smile..YOU make me smile and screw those people that don't appreciate what a wonderful "Angel" you are.

  2. I always want to know how you and the family are doing. Anyone who doesn't can just skip over your posts.