Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dude, just shut up. Your words make me dislike you. . . .

I like most people.  In fact, I really don't like not liking people.  There is good in all and even people who others may not like I can usually find something to like about them.  People are people and God put us here to love and support one another.  Then there is Ann Romney. . .

Now, you may wonder why I dislike her so.  I myself have wondered that.  When I first saw her on Mitt's arm so many months ago I saw this blond Michigan born woman who I really had no feelings either way about.  George Romney was actually a friend of my Great Grandfather's.  I had nothing against her.

Then I heard her talk.  Now this was back when some ignorant democrat had stated that Ann Romney had never worked a day in her life.  I will say that women who stay at home to raise their children do work hard, it is thankless work that pays nothing.  I am not supporting that democrat that said that, but Ann Romney's response pissed me off.  She went on about how hard she did work, how it was so hard to raise five boys, so how dare this person say she had never worked a day in her life.

OK, this is my issue with that, Ann Romney raised five boys, probably alone for the most part because I am sure Mitt worked long hours, I will give her that, but Ann Romney has no clue what it is like for most American families to raise their children.  Ann Romney was born wealthy, and she married into wealth.  Does Mrs. Romney know what it is like to have to leave her babies at daycare to go off to a job when she would rather be able to stay at home and raise them?  Does she know what it is like to cry the entire way while leaving them there?  Does Mrs. Romney know what it is like to raise four children, work, have a husband who is gone all the time working, have to come home after working and still try to find a way to help kids with homework, cook dinner, do laundry, clean the house, brush kids teeth, and make sure they are clean?  Does she know this?  Her reaction to that "never worked a day in her life" statement showed me she has has no real idea of what it is like to be a woman in America.

I still felt bad for not liking her.  I mean, she is Michigan born and I really like Michigan people.   Tonight I listened to her speech.  I listened to her talk about how wonderful Mitt is because he still makes her laugh.  I listened to her talk about her marriage being real and hard, not a fairy tale.  I listen to her talk about how the reason her husband is successful is because he worked hard.  All I am left with is a feeling that this woman is so out of touch with how real Americans live, and just this horrible taste in my mouth.

I stay home now, it is a privilege to stay home and raise my kids and I know this, but this staying home means there have to be sacrifices - like in many American families where one parent stays home.  I do not have the luxury of staying home and just raising my children, I have to find a way to make one income cover all our bills.  We all go without so we can have a parent be home with our kids.  Along with the stress of raising children, did Mrs. Romney know what it was like to go without?  Did/does she know what it is like to try to make pennies stretch to try to feed your kids, and still try to put something away for retirement or college?  Somehow I think she doesn't.

And her talking about her husbands hard work. . . pisses me off.  I have no doubt that Mitt has worked hard, but they have to realize that they both had advantages that many, probably even most, Americans did not have.  If Mitt's business failed would they have starved and had to be homeless?  No, they had parents with financial means to keep them afloat.  Did they graduate from college with student loan debt?  Somehow I am betting they didn't.  George may have taught Mitt the value of hard work, but Mitt never would have been truly without had things gone to hell.  Heck, I would have loved to be able to spend 36 months in France as a missionary.  LOVED IT!  That was not something that would have ever been an option for me, or most of the people I know.

Finally, don't bring your illnesses up anymore.  Rich and poor both get sick.  I know people with MS.  I know people who have had breast cancer.  You were fortunate enough to be in a position to get the best medical care possible.  My mother in law had breast cancer.  My mother in law had no health insurance when she found her lump.  Guess what, she is DEAD now because she didn't have the heath insurance to take care of that lump early enough to save her life.  DEAD.   I have a friend with MS who works full time, yet her job offers her no health insurance so she is wheel chair bound, and will be for the rest of her life.  Don't throw your illnesses out there to show how hard and real your life as been - because even in that you are so out of touch it makes me ill.

So Ann Romney, please keep your mouth shut and don't talk anymore.  Your words just piss me off.

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