Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How long do you wait. . . .

OK.  Everyone knows I hate Florida.  It is hot and miserable.  It is expensive.  All of the neighbors I love are leaving.  We have no family anywhere near by (Atlanta is the closest).  The lifestyle of Florida isn't us.  We are a family that loves to hike in the woods - can't do that here.  We are a family that loves going to small festivals and watching parades - here it costs money to even get into the festival and the festivals aren't parades they are fairs.  We are a family that loves picnics and holiday meals with extended family - here there is no extended family and with Nick's pay cut we can't ever go to visit them.

So here is our issue, we live some place we hate.  We are middle class broke.  When do you just look for a job back home and pack it all up?  My husband's job right now might lead him to certifications that would help him down the road.  I told him I want out of here in a year, but he says it may be like two or three years.  Do you suck it up and live someplace that you absolutely hate, raising your kids around people who are bad influences on your kids, not living the life you want to live for another 2-3 years for the possibility of certifications that may open doors in the future?  How long do you wait?  We only have one life, we have already been down here two years, how much longer do we give it?

This is so hard.  At this stage in my life and at this stage in my kids lives I just want to settle down.  I want to live someplace I like around people I like.  I want to purchase a home so we own it when we retire.  I want to be a part of a community.  I want the option to see family and friends again, but if we move back to Michigan (or Michigan area) with my husband's current qualifications it will mean we are broke forever.  I know my husband wants more than that for us - that is the reason he went back for his MBA in the first place. 

This is just so hard and we are so conflicted. . . .How long do you continue to live a life that you hate for the hope of something better?  Can our family survive another 2-3 years down here - financially and emotionally? 


  1. What do the children think, especially the older two? Is being in Florida hurting them psychologically?

    Another 2-3 years is a long time. Are you going to pack Gabe up and have him spend his junior/senior years in another school? It's hard moving kids from school to school.

    I would have been heartbroken had I not been able to spend the last half of my senior year in Manton and graduate with them.

    It sounds like you need a major family meeting and really weigh the pros/cons.

  2. Of the six of us, Gabe claims he likes it here. He doesn't act like he likes it here but he says he does. He gets mad when ever we talk about leaving, but I think that is because he doesn't like change. Evelyn cries every day because she hates it here. She REALLY hates it hear (kind of like the rest of us).

    I know I moved away for a few months my junior year and that was really hard. I would prefer to leave now vs wait another two years. I feel like any way we turn right now we lose.

  3. You know my answer!! Move back to Atlanta, it has the most opportunities in the south and there is family!!!

    1. Nicole - I loved Atlanta and I would love the chance to be closer to you guys (the kids could get to know their cousins!)