Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolution. . .

OK - lots of us make them. . . I am one of them.  Here are my resolutions for 2013.

1.  Pray more.  Pretty self-explanitroy.

2.  Worry less.  I worry about EVERYTHING!  I am giving some of that up.  I am going to worry less and just flow with it more.

3.  Bring more fun to my home.  For a long time our home has been function - not fun.  With four kids - and with MY four kids - getting them all out the bed, dressed, fed, cleaned up after, fed, cleaned up after, homeworked, fed, bathed, cleaned up after, and in bed takes up more time than we even have in a day.  Toss in two cats and a dog and I can say our life isn't fun - it is function.  We don't have a lot of fun - and I think that is part of the snarky - negative attitudes in this house.  This year I want to bring more fun to our home and put some of the function of this house on the kids.

4.  Eat less.  I am not focusing on weight.  We eat a lot in this household - all of us do.  We all need to consume less.

5.  Decrease debt.  The student loan will take 20 years to pay back, but I would like to only owe on the student loan and the van by the end of 2013.

6.  Focus on the blessings.  Everyday, focus on what is good, not the fact that we live in this crap hole of a state :) - can't you tell I am already working on that one!!!

7.  Reconnect with those who matter and care.  Family that cares.  Friends that I haven't remained close to, but would like to be closer.

Those are my goals for 2013. . . .what are yours?

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